Work with me

I want to help addicts to achieve the riches of recovery that I have experienced.

Personal Session

Overall Addiction treatment

The first thing I do is to understand the problem. Talk to the people involved – at length. I’ll then be able to tell whether I believe I can help. And how.

I work on my own. In that way I can guarantee that the patient is getting my utter commitment. My personal care at all times. The concern of an expert, not just a carer or an employee.

Usually I see people in terrible despair and crisis. But where there seems nothing but confusion and destruction to other people I have the long experience to see patterns and likely outcomes.

If someone doesn’t want to recover then there’s very little that can be done. But if someone does want to be helped, then sometimes I use local in-patient facilities to get through the critical phase.

Family Session

Is It Time for Family Therapy?

The family has a central role to play in the treatment of any health problem, including alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, etc.  Addiction destroys families as much as it destroys individuals. Living with an addict is both heartbreaking and exhausting. Family members are torn between how to help the addict and how to avoid being sucked into the addict’s world.

You will also participate in several activities… get each other motivated!

Let's get spiritual!

We cook and learn


After Care

Dig deeper and learn

Coming off alcohol is a relatively straightforward process. Staying off it can be very demanding. People who have alcohol problems most commonly want to be shown how they can achieve sensible drinking rather than have recurrent bouts of dismaying loss of control. This is worth a try, but it may not be possible. Abstinence with the continuing daily support of a spiritual programme may be the best way forward.


This programme looks successively at the powerlessness of some individuals to control their alcohol consumption and hence manage their lives successfully as they would wish, the need for dependence upon outside support rather upon self reliance, accepting external help on a continuing daily basis, acknowledging positive aspects of life and also the damage caused by alcohol in many aspects of life, admitting the exact nature of that progressive catastrophe, becoming willing to commit to a new set of values and behaviours, making that specific commitment in the convinced belief that total remission is achievable, acknowledging the damage done to other people, making direct amends to them, continuing to note one’s daily behaviour, seeking the calming effects of psychological processes on a continuing basis, and applying honesty and open-mindedness and willingness in all aspects of life while giving this firm example to others who still suffer from this illness.