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Addiction Treatment has to focus on the addiction not just the addict. Treatment has to be tailored to suit patients as individuals, rather than merely look at the use of one addictive drug or behaviour or another.

Please read these important notes before doing the assessment – Score each question simply as Yes or No but consider each question to be asking, ‘Have you ever… (to a significant degree)?’

Even though the questions are now mostly written (for clarity) in the present tense, they should include things that you (or other people) did previously but may have now stopped doing. This gives an outline of your potential (if you were to relapse), rather than indicating only your current state.

This website offers information and opinions on the topics of stress, depression and addiction related issues. All content, products, and services are NOT to be considered as legal, personal, or especially medical advice, and are to be used for information purposes only.

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Food Starving

1. In a restaurant or even at home do I often try to persuade others to choose dishes that I know I would like, even though I would probably refuse to eat them?*

2. When I eat in company do I like to be with special friends or family members whom I can rely upon to finish off some foods for me?*

3. Do I have a list of so many things that I dare not eat, that there is very little left that I can eat?*

4. Do I often chew something and then take it out of my mouth and throw it away?*

5. Do I particularly enjoy salty or sour things in order to suppress my appetite?*

6. When I eat in company do I tend to time my eating as a form of strategy so that others are not really aware of just how little I am eating?*

7. When I have eaten something reasonably substantial do I tend to feel disappointed or even angry with myself as well as slightly relieved?*

8. Do I get irritable and impatient at meal times if someone tries to persuade me to eat something?*

9. Do I often avoid meal times by claiming that I have already eaten when it is not true?*

10. Do some foods make me wish I could eat them like other people, but nonetheless I find that I cannot bring myself to do so?*


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