Addiction Treatment In Kensington, London

Addiction treatment has to focus on the individual, not just on the addiction. Treatment has to be tailored to suit each patient; it has to be more thorough than merely looking at the use of one addictive drug or behaviour or another.

Although a number of people may be addicted to the same drug, such as cocaine, they will differ from each other very considerably. One may be an occasional user whereas another may be totally hooked and use it every day. One may be a high-flying executive and the other a university student. One may be happily married and have children while other is single and in an abusive relationship. Patients are not all the same.

Addiction to, or abuse of, alcohol or drugs such as heroin, cocaine or crack, LSD (Acid), Ecstasy (MDMA), amphetamines (speed), cannabis (marijuana) or methamphetamine (meth and crystal meth) or any other mood-altering substance, all result in similar dependency.

The drug may differ but the underlying addictive process is the same. Drug abuse and drug addiction can be just as severe in legal drug use as in the use of any illicit drug. Addiction to tobacco, sugar and prescription medications such as a pain-killers, antidepressants, tranquillizers or sleeping tablets, can sometimes cause significant physical and emotional damage.