Private Treatment

The principal advantage of a private rehab is in innovation. Thus, beginning 26 years ago, I was the first person in the UK to

  • place eating disorders alongside alcohol and drug problems in a Twelve Step treatment programme.
  • treat nicotine addiction, compulsive gambling and risk-taking, shopping and spending addiction, exercise addiction, internet addiction and relationship addiction.
  • coin the term ‘compulsive helping’ in place of ‘codependency‘ – a word that means so many different things to different people that it means nothing at all.

I now bring all that personal and clinical experience to my private outpatient rehab where I treat individuals who have problems with depression, alcohol, recreational drugs, mood-altering prescription drugs, eating disorders, gambling, smoking, relationships or any other form of addictive or compulsive behaviour.

Having had 23 years’ experience in running large private rehab clinics for inpatients, I now benefit from a further 3 years’ experience in running an intensive outpatient rehab for individual private patients and their families. I have enjoyed both equally and my patients have benefited equally.

It is unlikely that I could do the outpatient rehab work that I do now if I did not have the previous experience of running an inpatient rehab. It would be difficult for patients to bamboozle me nowadays after I have cared for over 5000 inpatients. I know the tricks of my trade and I know the tricks that addicts of all kinds try to play on me.

Real Recovery Rehab specialises in providing 2-week intensive treatment, 2 hours twice a day, for people who need to stay in touch with their work or with their home community, and who may not want their absence to be noticed. I also do longer-term treatment for people who need less intensive care.

I am far less pressurised nowadays than when I was working in my residential rehab and also running my medical practice. Patients now get the best of me because they have the full-time focus of my attention.

I work on my own so as to guarantee that the focus of my attention is on the individual patient’s own concerns and I can totally safeguard his or her confidentiality.

Physical detoxification from alcohol and the psychological withdrawals from cocaine, cannabis, ecstasy, LSD, ketamine and other drugs can be safely and comfortably managed in an outpatient rehabilitation service.

Important therapeutic interventions, such as EMDR, NLP and Psychodrama are most effective in a personal outpatient environment. Even Psychodrama is just as effective in an outpatient rehab as in an inpatient facility when directed by skilled, experienced and careful hands.

Transactional Analysis, Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology and Cognitive Dialectical Therapy lend themselves naturally to care in the safe and supportive setting of an individual outpatient rehab.

My own work is supervised by Professor Oscar D’Agnone, who is a practising Consultant Psychiatrist. I learn from him on a continuing basis and my patients benefit from that.

Patient Stories – Private Treatment

‘Robert – You have enabled me to regain a sense of myself. I had become totally lost in the turmoil of my inner world and you have given me an enthusiasm for life and an excitement and curiosity about what the future holds.’

‘The EMDR is having dramatic effects and the insights into compulsive helping have been incredible. They explain so many things that I have never understood about myself. The two weeks spent with you were uniquely special and often painful but they were the necessary process to start recovery. You and your methods were exactly what I needed when I needed them and you have pointed me in the right direction so I can move forward in my life.’

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Private Treatment

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In a crisis, immediate admission is often necessary both for patients and for the wellbeing and peace of mind of their families and loved ones.

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Addiction affects everyone, not just addicts. Get the ongoing support for families and friends, first pioneered by Dr Robert Lefever, that you need.

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