Dealing With Your Feelings


We have now a whole range of feelings. Yesterday I was in Malaga Airport trying to come back from Spain to Gatwick and it was hot. I’ve never seen so many screaming babies per airplane it’s unbelievable. Every row had a screaming baby and there was me in the middle of it. What did I do? I accepted that I’m in a screaming baby environment and that’s it.

So what I did was to get out my pad and I started writing some blog entries for my personal blog. I used the time I didn’t need to be upset. I decided not to be upset. It is possible to make that choice because there was nothing else I could do. So therefore I made the positive choice. I’m not gonna be upset about this it’s just the way it is. And I feel sad for the babies, sad for the mother and sad for me but I could do something about it I can get out my pad start writing some blogs so I did, including one about screaming babies.

So dealing with my feelings nowadays, I want the whole range of my feelings, I want to be sad, I want to be happy. I can’t be one without the other. I might want to get rid of sadness and only be happy, that’s not going to happen. So therefore I want to have the whole range of my feelings and that way I can live a real life.

My wife currently is playing the piano in Cambridge and here I am in Kent. Well that’s not right she ought to be here with me. I married her it’s what I want. It was our wedding anniversary last Friday and she wasn’t there what sort of wife is that? Answer, a perfectly normal wife, one who does want she wants to do.

Now because of that, when she comes back as she said she will on Monday afternoon, if she does, how will I feel? I feel great she chose to come back. Well I’m praying for that.

But as you can see, I like nowadays having the whole range of my feelings and that’s what we try to help our patients to have, to be comfortable with whatever feeling you’ve got. You don’t have to use on it.